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  • Product Review Page Appearance 'Review'

    Write reviews about your favorite (or not so favorite) products. Please make sure you include relevant details/pictures of the item you're reviewing. Please do not use copyrighted photographs. No 1 sentence reviews (e.g. it's great, it sucks). Bashing on products will not be tolerated. Please keep it civil. Any opinions expressed in these forums are those of the individual and not necessarily of Elite Outdoors LLC.

    This :censored2: is just way too long winded and imo takes away from the overall appearance of the home page. I consider myself a great judge when I see something that looks right or in this case, looks totally :censored2: wrong. Ive been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time now...I just figured with its obviously deformed look, somebody would of fixed it by now. This concludes my review of the 'Product Reviews sub-forum'.