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Setting Up an Envy for 80% Letoff?

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  • Setting Up an Envy for 80% Letoff?

    Anyone know how to set up an Envy for 80% letoff?

    I've heard you should move the draw module to 1/2 inch less, then move the draw stop to get 80%. I imagine the net change in draw length is 1/4 inch or something like that. I've also heard that the Envy draw lengths are a little long, so if I actually want 29", the 28.5" setting might be right on.

    Am I close to right?

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    Thats almost exactly what I did but I'll add to that. My module is set at 28.5" but to get 80% my draw length is almost 29.5".
    Now here's the problem. The modules have a stop on them that hits the cable so you can't lock the bow if the draw stop is removed from the cam. You have to grind the stops down on both modules to get more rotation and achieve the 80% letoff. I took somewhere around 1/4" off the module draw stop.
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      Anyone else?