I just got it in last night....

Like my other Reinhart targets, it is very well made. The center is a removable and replaceable core-VERY NICE!
The spots are many, bright and well placed.
Self-healing feature works like advertised, you just loose color after repeated shots to the bright green dots.
The target is very dense, but thatís where they get the durability needed to last.

The 3D sculpting on the sides is also very cool. You get two opposite sides, with a nicely sculpted deer one with more vital details than the other.

The target is a little smaller than I though, but still very decent. I picked mine up from Obsession Archery, ordered it online and I had it in 3 days for around $140.

My only issue:

Tough arrow removal. Since these targets are so durable, they tend to be really tough to remove arrows when they are new.

(but itís an issue with all the Reinharts, my 18-in-1ís were the same way)

I would buy this target again. My 18-in-1 still is kicking and has taken a whole season of abuse, and I shoot a lot. I dug a hole in one side with broad heads, yet the target is still functional. I hope this target will work just as good.