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    Default 600 round

    I was wondering what you guys use for shooting spots, mainly sight scope combination. I shoot a tour at 60 pounds with 2512 shafts. I was wondering if you use a dot in your scope or a fiber optic pin?
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    dot here covers most of the 5 ring, it was a little tough to go back to my 0.10pin when indoor season was over darn thing wouldnt quit dancing all over the but its all good now. 4x lens
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    Currently shooting circles on 8X lens for indoor and .019 pin and 4X for 3-D. Combination of high powered lens and clarifier will wash out small fiber optic pins, Circles or rings allow me to see X and focus on it throughout my shot. The pin in 3-D allows the least amount of coverage of the target so as to pin point where I want the arrow to go.
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    This previous Indoor season I used my 3D scope set-up. It's a 42mm Black Eagle scope with a .5 diopter lense (4 power) and a .019 blue fiber. Wasn't sure how it was going to work but it worked out well for me.
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