Last night I went to my local dealer to try out some releases. The owner wasn't in, thank God!

I saw a Tru-ball boss I wanted to try, so the guy follows me back to the range. My bowcase in hand.

I opened my case, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. yes, he said wow! I looked at him and said, pretty nice lookin bow huh? He said, yep, it's very easy on the eyes. I talked a bit more to him, and he asked, why Elite? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I told him about Elite's warranty, and how they treat their customers. I asked what his drawlength was, guess what, 29! Would you like to shoot it? His reply, can I? So I handed him the bow. He is a pretty devout Hoyt shooter. He shot it and more wow's followed. He looked and me and said, THAT, is a REALLY nice bow!!! I shot a few arrows, and went to pull them out. When I turned around, the few people that were there were crowded around my bow on the rack. I believe we will have another Elite shooter very soon!