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Thread: Harvest Time Archery HT-2 "Harvester" Arrows

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    So they are made in China. Best Chinese arrows I've ever shot.

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    I Shoot the HT2's and love them. Ok call me nieve, but are they really made in China? I have been thinking in my back yard in Ashland, OH.
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    I shoot Easton arrows, Epics, Axis and Flatlines as well as other brands. The Flatlines are one of the best arrows I shoot and I think you will find they are made in Vietnam.

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    I miss Lonnie

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    Good to hear they shoot great! I use Easton, Victory and Carbon Express so I have enough arrows for awhile!! Unless someone wants me to come to their place and shoot a bunch of critters, I don't plan on buying arrows for a little while! ;-)
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    Living in New Zealand we get used to "Made in China". In fact we are getting to the point of being "Owned in China" with our government selling of huge farms to the Chinese.
    I shoot the HT-2 when out shooting 3D with mates and when shooting targets with my son. When I first started shooting them they were great but I have found that they breakdown rather quickly and are no longer consistent. Though I must admit I have only smashed 1 so far and have been shooting them hard for about 6 months now.
    My hunting arrows and arrow of choice is the Gold Tip Expedition Hunter. For the same price (here in NZ) as the HT-2 it seems to be a far superior arrow.
    I believe it all comes down to personal preference and what shoots good for you.
    As for "Made in China"? Best you have a good long talk to your local Snap-on dealer. And still the best tools in the world.

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    Very nice review and well written. However while I agree arrow weight and straightness play a role in benefits to an archer, you left out the single most important factor when evaluating a good arrow from moderate one.(Spine consistency arrow-arrow and diameter of a single shaft)While you can have two of the straightest weight matched arrows on the planet if the spine is NOT consistent I guarantee your POI will be effected. So while the "average" archer will not see a benefit from a .003 to a .001 straightness, I 100% guarantee if that same archer has a matched spine that is consistent across a dozen arrows with nocks indexed to the backbone they will see the groups tighten up. And no I am not a guy who promotes another brand or brands of arrow. I am just an arrow nut case who loves testing and matching arrows for spine consistency and debunking claims of "dual spine", "weight forward", and "matched". I would love to see data on this for the HT2 since the ProShop I have a relationship with does not carry Harvest Time.

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