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Thread: Who makes the Elite Quivers?

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    Still waiting for Elite to come out with a back quiver . One can only hope .
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgriff008 View Post
    Yes, I beleive the Treelimb brand or Elite Quiver are the only type of quiver to use with an HHA slider. I have the HHA and this was the only quiver I found to research. But it was the only quiver I really wanted anyway. I bought the Treelimb Premier Quiver with quick disconnect, because I didnt want to pay the money for the Elite one. They are the exact same quiver. You will need to buy the mount from Treelimb directly so you can mount the bracket for the quiver. I also flipped my bracket around to make my quiver with arrows more center on the bow.

    Thanks for the photos, looks to be exactly what i want. I just got lucky and found one in Predator camo on AT for 75 bucks.

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