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Thread: Lindsay Lohan makes triumphant return to the small screen!

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    Thumbs up Lindsay Lohan makes triumphant return to the small screen!

    Here's proof that no matter how slutty and whorish you are, you can always be a star. 4 years of cocaine and alcohol abuse hasn't slowed the starlette down one bit It warms my heart that all the teen girls in America have such a wholesome idol to look up to. So next time you wanna freak out, make a public spectacle of your self in the tabloids and do all the blow you can get your hands on.....go for it As long as you dont go all "Whitney" you're fine. Sheen and Bob Downey Jr. set the standard such debauchery.....and now Lindsay Lohan can add her name to that coveted list of stars that prove that America loves criminals

    See Christina? What's stopping you?

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    I knew there was hope for me...let the vacay begin....

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