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Thread: Back Tension For Youth

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    Default Back Tension For Youth

    My son is 7 years old and has been shooting off and on for the last two years. I never push him, only shoot when he wants to shoot and until now, I have let him shoot the way he wants without too much criticism on his form. Lately, he wants to shoot more and more and now I think I would like to teach him to shoot with a back tension release. Is there a BT release that would be better for a youth? $ really is not an issue if I can get one that will work well at his draw weight (26lbs.) right now, but he draws it fairly easy and I would guess I will have it up to about 30lbs within a month or two. I don't shoot a BT myself, but know that it is probably the best to learn at an early age. Thanks for any and all help and suggestions concerning youth and back tension.
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    Mine is starting to practice with Evolution, seems to like it so far, just doesnt seem to shoot as many arrows with it before getting index back out!
    but practice is a good thing no matter which release he decides on
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    The Evo and the Stan Element although both are pull through back tension may work well. The only draw back which also will help him learn, is in order for those releases to go off clean and consistently, his form has to very good. I am not 100% sure but I think Truball has a back tension release as well with a safety built in like the Evo and Element have. My 9yr old daughter has tried my Element (med size) and my Stan SX2 and prefers to shoot the SX2. If you do decide to proceed with a back tension or even a hinge style of release, your son would really benefit prior to use on his bow if you were to make yourself a morin trainer from some 1/8" nylon rope and a few elastic bands or bungie rope. He can simulate the drawing of the bow at a lesser poundage and learn to feel how the release will fire. It's one of the best training aids in my opinion for anyone wanting to learn to shoot back tension or any release for that matter. Both my daughter and myself use ours quite frequently just to work on form and consistent anchor points.
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    Not sure but I think Zenith makes some small models.
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    Scott Babyhorn or TRU Ball Mini HT are perfect for kids and ladies with small hands.

    You will be hard pressed to find anything smaller.

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