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Thread: Modern Recurve or Traditional Recurve?

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    Default Modern Recurve or Traditional Recurve?

    Hello everyone!

    I 'm doing a small personal research on the internet because I want to take up Archery as a hobby. I 'll use it as a relaxing hobby or so, so I won't be going hunting. Possibly a #65 draw, and I can spare only 130-200 euros..

    Well, now I 'm wondering whether I should buy a Modern or a Traditional one. I saw some craftsmen on the net, e.g Lukas Novotny, Yang Fuxi, Kassai Lajos and Toth and I like their bows very much (the former two super expensive, the latter are affordable). So, how could a modern bow be compared to Kassai/ Toth's works if you know? Are the modern ones generally way better because of involved technology and the traditionals costly because of handsmade craftsmanship? Could you shed some light on this matter, please?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Way to much draw weight
    If your not going to hunt i would stay around 40#

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