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Thread: camo selection in equipment

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    Default camo selection in equipment

    Bought an AP Pure and trying to accessorize it. Nothing like picking a brand of equipment just to find out they don't make it in AP.

    Black.. that's a given (usually), Lost Camo... well I guess that makes financial sense if you want the Mathews market. But it is surprising that so many companies, especially when it comes to sights, either pick 1 camo pattern, invent their own, or offer none at all.

    CBE is one. Wonder if Elite will try to initiate them matching patterns they sell w./ their bow line.

    I was considering CBE, MBG, Axcel-Armourtech, among others.

    Must be why dipping is so popular. Have no idea how much it costs though.
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    The other thing you have to watch out for too is different pieces look totally different even if the same camo pattern is used. I have an AP Pure and got an AP QAD and they look totally different...the AP on the QAD is very bronze like or more orange. Matching is an affliction I suffered from for years, but I think I'm on the way to recovery, as last year I put a black sight on and all camo bow. Good luck.
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    I have my riser coming back this week... dipped in... WOOD GRAIN. My only option is black unless I send those to be dipped but with black limbs, it will be ok.

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    Don't know which sight manufacturer would be a close match for the camo patterns, but take a look at Stokerized stabilizers if you are in need of a stab. The Realtree AP is a perfect match on my Pulse. Just like OutbackMan said...I had a Fuse stab before that was supposedly "Realtree AP", but it didn't come close to matching the pattern on my AP limbs.
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    I have a AP Pulse with Lost camo accessories they match up great.

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