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Thread: Good shooting TMax!

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man archer View Post
    Try the Gettlemens beer while your there if you can still get it. It'll make for a happy wedding , it sure did mine still don't remember it and that was 35 years ago. What route you taking through Illinois?
    We'll take 55 since we are not going to Valpo. When we go there we head over to Effingham and go north. Not sure I will get to drink any beer at this wedding but if I see any I will pick up a six pack and bring it home. THat should last me at least a few months. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMax27 View Post
    He has... Just don't think anyone is willing to take a picture of him, in fear of breaking thier camera! HHEHEHEHEHhe
    hes right aint no help for fugly!! as you can see oldman friends aint helping me!!!!!!
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