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    just orderded a new cuda the other day for my wife.i'm wondering if elite will send the bow in ninja package but leave the riser and the cams unfinished.would this save any money on the bow?the reason being,when the bow gets here;i will be sending it out and having the riser and cams custom painted.any one have any suggestions on who to have that done by?i know about mooseridge,any others? i know that mooseridge will be up to 40% less cost with the finish off. thanks!

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    Everybody know that Crackers is on of the most respected users on this sight and one of the most respected archery guys around. I am not telling you what to do but I remember this post when this question was brought up by him.

    Just the post:

    The entire thread:

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    Elite will not send the bow out without a finish on it...
    I would stay away from mooseridge, not sure if you heard about the issues they had. It took nearly 4 months for me to get my bow back from the, and my buddies bike parts that they did came back all smashed and dented up.
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