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Thread: Competition Archery for Dummies

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    18 M is about 9" shy of 20 yards...
    Dont forget the v-formation and the imperial round.
    V-formation =3 shots at each of 20-65 yards in 5 yard increments.
    Usually shot twice. shot at a vegas/fita face. of varing sizes.

    Imperial round is 6 shots at 60 yds each end for 5 ends, then 50 yds, then 40 yards,
    MY GT500 bow is named NockCracker. my Hunting rig a GT-500 60# 29" G1 Camo, Spot-hogg 5 pin , Limb driver, B-stinger 12" 11 oz, GTul 400's ,295 FPS- 350- Gr or "Stealth" My Camo XLR 29" 54# Spot bow officially out of shake down testing..PASSED!! shot my first 300 VEGAS BABY and my 2nd in the same day..

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    Default Competitive Archery Quiver Survey for College Class on Innovation

    I am a student attending the University of Central Missouri. We are currently researching trends and innovative solutions for quivers. If you have a chance, please take our survey through the link shown here to provide your input on quiver designs and desired specifications and accessories for future quivers. Thank you!

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